About Us

My name is Maggie. my husband is Craig and our beautiful little boy is called Oliver.

Oliver was born in June 2016 and is severely mentally impaired, physically disabled, epileptic, and has an undiagnosed, rare life limiting genetic condition.  The current theory is that it is form of mitochondrial disease however we are awaiting test results to confirm this if this is the case.

Oliver is non-verbal, he cannot sit or stand and currently has the mental age of a six month old.

Throughout our ongoing journey, I have found that there isn’t a great deal of support of how to cope when life isn’t as necessarily as imagined.  I began to blog hoping to find and connect with other families who may be experiencing something similar. I also find it extremely cathartic and it has helped me in more ways than I ever thought it could.

My aim is to really just make a difference and raise awareness of the daily struggles that families whose children have special needs go through.

I hope that by sharing our life experiences people may find comfort in knowing that they’re not alone.