Meadow and Bloom


Meadow and Bloom is a relatively new project that Craig and I have embarked upon on together.

If you follow our blog, you may be aware of the extent of Oliver’s medical complexities and the strain it puts on us all as a family.

Oliver’s condition being life limiting is a great source of stress and pain for us.  We still don’t have a definitive diagnosis but the general consensus from medical professionals currently is that it is a form of mitochondrial disease.

Craig and I both work full time and the thought of Oliver regressing is something that scares us both. What also scares us, is having to go through more admissions and having the added stress and worry of work/finances on top of what will be a very difficult situation.

For years we have always spoken about starting up our own business but it has never amounted to anything more than pipe dreams. Given Oliver’s prognosis, we came to the conclusion that there would be no better time to start something up, something where we are autonomous, doing something we love, and having the flexibility to work from home whilst caring for our son. So, along came Meadow and Bloom …

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Meadow and Bloom was born through planning our own wedding.  We absolutely loved the process and our most favourite bit by far was choosing flowers and focusing on all of the intimate details.

We wanted the enjoyment we got from planning our wedding to last forever and thus decided that we would channel our creativity into making dried flower crafts.  Currently, this ranges from flower hoops and hair crowns to buttonholes.  I absolutely love doing it and creating something that I am proud of and something that can be a part of other people’s special day.  Craig is the ‘tech guy’ as I literally don’t have a clue about that sort of thing so we make a good team.

Feel free to follow us on Instagram or find us on facebook to have a look at our most recent makes or visit our website or Etsy shop.